Magazine Review: Betty

In the last few weeks I have been lucky enough to receive three independently produced illustrated magazines.

I never really considered myself a magazine person. I love printed media but the magazines aimed at young women are pretty much appalling, so as a result I haven’t bought a magazine since I was a teenager.

Enter intelligently written, aesthetically pleasing, independently produced magazines. Oh Comely has been a welcome addition to my book shelves for a few years now; here are a few more magazine that have found a place on my bookshelf and in my heart.

Betty Magazine

I was lucky enough to be feature in the first print issue of Betty Magazine, and then invited to the launch for the second. It was a really fun launch, and I’m still annoyed I forgot to bring my camera. I sipped pink cocktails, ate cake pops and caught up with friends, including Olivia Purvis and Zoe Faye.

Anyway, the magazine. Betty is a beautiful magazine, full of recipes to try, crafts to make, guides to hosting a craft party, picking fruit and applying eyeliner. The photo shoots were also beautiful. How lovely is that front cover? It makes me want to curl my hair and prance about in a swimming cap.

My only complaint? It’s not long enough! I had it read in one tube journey. More of your beautiful content, please.

Lets not forget, when my Nannie spent a difficult week in and out of hospital for tests and treatment, they sent me a copy to forward to her to cheer up. Hands down nicest people in the indi mag world.


2 thoughts on “Magazine Review: Betty

  1. I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this. I am THE biggest magazine fan, & have just discovered Oh Comely. Another really great magazine of a similar kind is an Aussie one called Frankie – you can get a digital subscription to it. Also Yen magazine is another Aussie one. If you don’t already know these, I think you’d like them! Oh, & I want a copy of WishWIshWish magazine but they’re out of stock 😦 So refreshing to see so many non-celebrity focused mags out there! x

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