garden update

I love looking back through my garden update posts and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over how my little plants have grown, like a proud mother. I don’t have a pet to nurture so plants will have to do.

My garden isn’t a very tidy one, mostly because I grow cheap wild flowers. You can see above sweet peas and candy top growing all over the place.

When these are full grown there will be 26 sunflowers growing up these railing which I think will be very nice.

My tomato plant is doing splendidly. The basil and garlic is also doing well, I feel like I am very slowing growing an Italian meal,My coriander as gone to seed, which hopefully will mean I have will have lots more seeds to plant and some to cook with. The best thing about my little roof top garden is dining alfresco.


2 thoughts on “garden update

  1. Oh it looks wonderful! I am the same, I definitely over-nurture my plants due to lack of pets to mother! Herbs are my favourite to grow (fun AND useful)

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