A Walk in the Woods with Penhaligons

I have always admired the beautiful shop fronts and product styling of Penhaligons, as well as the gorgeous perfumes themselves, but I had always been a bit afraid to go in and try them. At the Wish launch party I was treated to their fragrance profiling and the afterwards they were kind enough to send me a fragrance library to review. I was very excited to see it contained scents for men and women, and I have been happily splashing cologne on my boyfriend.I decided to try Bluebell and he tried the Endymion. The Bluebell Eau de Toilette is light and floral, feminine and summery, and somehow classically English. It makes me think of the scene in I Capture the Castle when the sisters catch the scent of bluebells in the beautiful department store, and as Cassandra walks through the bluebell woods. Endymion was lovely on my boyfriend; I kept sniffing his neck. He had smelt all the available colognes and picked this one as the most interesting. It was fruity, spicy and floral all at the same time. They were perfect his and her fragrances for a walk in the woods.Hat -Vintage, Sunglasses -Charity Shop, Dress – Charity Shop, Bag – Vintage, Sandals – New Look


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