Wish Launch Party

Cake and gin cocktails. Is there a better way to spend a sunday afternoon? All this indulgence was to celebration the launch of Wish magazine, a collaboration between best friends Carrie and Lucy.I was a absolutely lovely event. You know it going to a good event when before you even arrive stylish girls are congregating outside Mornington Crescent station, invitations and iphones in hand. One of those stylish ladies was Olivia, who it was lovely to finally meet after I designed her blog banner at the beginning of the year.

Somehow I lead the way to the lovely old pub it was being held in, and going up the stairs we entered a perfect girly fairy world. The girls had really gone to town and put on a beautiful spread. The wish cocktails made with Hendrick’s gin which were ever so tasty and all too easy to drink. I loved the stripey straws that perfect matched my dress.Olivia and i then had our fragrances profiled by the delightful Penhaligons team. Some how I didn’t remember to take a photo of the beautiful display, but there are lots of lovely photos on Olivia’s blog. I was particular fan of the Juniper SlingAll the food was amazing, but that triple tiered cake was just amazing. It was lovely to find out it was made just a around the corner from me by Yummy in your Tummy cakes.Here I am in my stripey dress with Katie Antoniou.And here are the girls of the moment, Lucy and Carrie


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