21st Century Tea Drinking

I love loose leaf tea, and I have an awful lot of it in the house. The only problem is how to drink it? I can brew it in one of my many teapots but I don’t have a tea strainer so I have to pour it through a kitchen sieve into a teacup – messy. Or I can just make it in the cup and sieve the bits out though my teeth – fun. Either way it’s not very elegant. So when Magisso contacted me about their new teacup I jumped at the chance to try something that promises to make drinking loose leaf tea simple.It has  clever triangular base and an inbuilt filter so you can tilt it one way to brew and another to drink.Simply add your favourite tea. Pour in the hot water. Wait for it to infuse, then tilt the filter out of the water when it’s at it’s perfect strength.Et voila, perfect tea. It’s also very easy to clean as the filter is removable.

Magisso are a Finnish company famous for their innovative design. Their cake server looks like a stroke of genius. The tea is a reddot design award winner and only only just available to buy in the UK. It is made of a very sturdy plastic and is quite pleasant to drink out of. The tea stays hot and the outside stays cool. I wonder if a ceramic version is in the pipeline? It would definitely further add to experience (nothing like lose leaf tea out of bone china, no?)

The design is beautiful and sleek, though as an illustrator I see it as a bit of a blank canvas. Some beautiful artist collaborations would be a lovely direction to go in.


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