Book Review: Turkish Flavours

I was very excited to receive Turkish Flavours from Hardie Grant, as I live in an area with a large Turkish community, so I was in no short supply of authentic ingredients and inspiration. The first thing I decided to try making was the lamb kofte. I really enjoyed making the baharat spice mix, it smelt so wonderful.  Next minced lamb, chopped onion, fresh parsley and the spice mix were all added together, and squished around by hand to create the little koftes.I decided to make a shepherd’s salad which was lovely and colourful and a yoghurt and cucumber dip to accompany the koftes. The koftes were absolutely delicious. No one in my family could get over how good they tasted. There almost wasn’t any leftovers at all, but I managed to sneak a few before they were all gone, and they were just as good the next day.This is a really beautiful book full of inspiring photos and easy to follow recipes. I love the focus on healthy, simply, flavoursome food. After a cold winter of eating hearty (and occasional stodgy) meals this fresh and simple approach to eating is just what I need. This book is destined to be an important part of my kitchen.


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