beauty review – eyes

Aside from bottles of water, it’s beauty products that form the bulk of most goodie bags at London Fashion Week. This year I gained quite an impressive collection of lipsticks, lip stains, eyes shadows, eye liners, mascaras, creams and serums, which I largely donated to my friends and family. In exchange all they had to do was tell me what they thought of them. Here we have a range of of brand new beauty products tested by beautiful women aged 21 to 80 – my best friend Katie, my mum and my granny.

First up eye shadows, eye liners and mascaras

Katie – Rimmel Traffic Stopping Shadow (001 – Over the Limit)

– why do make-up products have suuuuch pretentious names…?

– the tiny brush meant it took a while to get decent coverage but was good for darker-shadowing small areas

– once you’ve used all three shades a lot, I can see them crumbling into each other owing to the design of the holder

– would have liked the bronze to be, well, bronzer

Katie – The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette 20 – 4 shades of bluey/silver

– nice strong pigments BUT no brush – how are you meant to apply it when on the go? (save doing it with your fingers and accidentally smearing blue pigment it all over your clothes, face etc)

– get a lot of each colour in the set which is pleasing

Me – Rimmel Waterproof Gel Pot Liner

– I was a little apprehensive of this product as I don’t really do makeup and this looked like serious stuff

-It was quite fun to paint onto my eyelids with the little brush and it produced a lovely retro cat eye look

-Unfortunately it smudges very easily and after initially having to tidy it up with makeup remover on a cotton bud I spent the rest of the evening paranoid that it had smudged of the rest of my face.

Katie – Rimmel Volume Flash Scandal Eyes

– ho ho… I see what they did there

– think of how big your house is and then double it – that’s roughly the size of the massive brush

– was a bit daunted at first but after a few applications began to – gasp – actually quite like it

– seems to lengthen and thicken lashes, making you look like you’re wearing falsies

Mum- The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara

-I wear this mascara quite a lot

-It’s very easy to use and it isn’t clumpy

-you get very nice, natural results with it. I will be looking out for this in The Body Shop


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