A Happy, Chocolately, Easter

The long Easter weekend was the perfect time to try out some of the beautiful traditional recipes in Sweet Paris (kindly sent to me by Hardie Grant). I will review Sweet Paris more fully in another post, and for now will focus on the beautiful tradition that is eating chocolate at Easter.

I started by making classic Parisian chocolate truffles. First boil the cream and then stir in the dark chocolate. When it has cooled off and had time to set make it into little truffles/balls. This bit is messy.

When the little ganache truffles have fully set in the fridge it’s time to coat them in melted milk chocolate. The book recommends chopsticks or a fork but I found a pair of silver sugar tongs did the job very well. You can dust them in cocoa powder or icing sugar.

C’est parfait, non?

At this point you are probably thinking “What do I do with all that left over melted chocolate?” whilst reaching for a spoon. Eating it straight out of the bowl is certainly an option, but might I suggest the addition of the humble corn flakes and a few mini eggs?

I happened to have tiny mini eggs from Hope and Greenwood so I made tiny chocolate nests in little cases, but obviously yours need not be so miniature.

Combine the melted chocolate and the corn flakes, crunching them up a bit, and spoon into wee cases. Add eggs et voila!

The perfect petits bonbons to go with a nice cup of tea.


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