meet me for tea and cake

In my capacity as an illustrator I seem to spend a lot of time meeting other creatives and general lovely people for tea and cake. It’s a hard life.This year my granny gave me a tenner and told me to buy my own Easter egg, so for Katie and I Hope and Greenwood was the first port of call. I bought a Vintage Betty Bunny, and some black jacks and fruit salads for my boyfriend.Next we went to Primrose Bakery. I really should have taken a photo before we demolished the cake. The tea was excellent, if I’m honest the cake was okay. The sponge was a bit dry. That’s not to say we didn’t eat it all, of course.After tea and cake Katie went back to work and I got the overground to beautiful De Beauvoir Town to meet Nancy Straughan at her studio. It was really interesting to see a working studio full of all sorts of creatives, as I am total recluse who works in her bedroom. Goodness knows why I took this photo at this angle, but check out the beautiful fabric. Also I was admiring these mugs at the time, and later found out they were Nancy Straughan originals too.It was ridiculously hot day so we sat outside a lovely little deli and I had yet more tea and cake (a pot of Ceylon and a Florentine to be precise).


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