an evening with zandra rhodes

When a good friend asks you if you want to go a dinner hosted by Zandra Rhodes the only answer is yes. So that is how I came to be outside the Fashion Textile Museum, teetering about in towering heels, waiting for Akeela.

It was almost too much to take in at once and you didn’t know where to look first. Multicoloured walls were hung with artwork, adorned with flowers and featured a large Gandhi mirror, there were rails overflowing with Zandra’s past and present collections, footage of the catwalk show in Paris ran on a loop, a low hung chandelier sparkled and outside the sun as was setting above the roof tops.

Zandra introduced herself to us straight away and she and Akeela mutually admired each other’s fabulous hairs styles.  It was such a treat it see Zandra’s vibrant, playful and beautifully adorned clothes up close, and to marvel at the design and workmanship.

Photography by Akeela

Photography by Akeela

Akeela and I browsed the collections, and I drank champagne, before we went for a wander around the garden that encircled the penthouse suite, stumbling through palm trees as the sun set. Just as I was finishing my second glass of Champagne and wondering if a third might not be a good idea, dinner was served. Zandra served an unusual but delicious lemony soup. I have to admit I have no idea what was in it, but it was very tasty.

Photography by Akeela

All too soon we had to dash and we left with goodie bags the same perfect pink as Zandra’s hair.

You can read Akeela’s account of the night here.


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