tea at the vintage emporium

Yesterday I met up with the lovely Carrie from WishWishWish and Lucy from Shiny Thoughts. We met at Vintage Emporium, just off Brick Lane, which I’ve never been to before. However anywhere that serves you about a pint of earl grey for £1.30 is an instant favourite with me. After our tea I went to Atlantis art suppliers, somewhere else I’d never been before. It’s like a candy shop, except full of paper and paint and ink instead of sweets. I was seriously impressed by the range and quality of the goods and expertise of the staff. The was a man who worked there who I think knew the weight in grams and price of every single piece of paper in stock. I am working on quite an exciting project with Carrie and Lucy. I can’t say too much but here’s a little peak.


2 thoughts on “tea at the vintage emporium

  1. AAHHH!! I’m so excited Emma! Thank you so, so much for illustrating for us and meeting us! I’m so pleased you’ve found Atlantis hehe
    Love your pint of tea comment too, don’t they serve up so much?! hhehe

    and *squeal* I love the envelope and love that it’s addressed to meee!!

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