LFW day 3

My third day of London Fashion Week was a very leisurely one, as is only fitting for beautiful, sunshiny Sunday. I went to Prophetik’s show Courtly Love in the morning. There’s a great review on Lionheart; writing by Helen, photography by Akeela and illustration by me (woo! high five team!).My rather lovely day continued as I made my way over to the press lounge for my free makeover and hair cut. The makeover was for fun but the hair cut was a necessity. I’d been cutting my own hair for a year and a half before Tony and Guy got their hands on it. My stylist was a short haired girl who loved and understood short hair just as much as I do, so needless to say it was a very good cut. I don’t wear makeup very much, but I do enjoy having the odd makeover. I think the fact I’ve literally just stepped out of the salon made-up and hair sprayed to relative perfection is why I look so composed in this photo. I’m normally an awkward mess in front of the camera. Outfit:

Skirt -Anthropologie

Coat -H&M

Shirt – New Look

Fur Collar – Vintage (by the way, it was a gift, I didn’t buy it)

Bag – Vinatge

Hat – from a clothes swap


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