LFW Day 2

I love London Fashion Week. The world of fashion really isn’t as shallow as people think it is. Every time I go I meet more wonderful people, make new friends, and, generally speaking, get treated very kindly and occasionally get some free stuff simply for turning up with a press pass and ticket. I love that you can’t buy tickets to London Fashion Week as well. You simply email the PR people, state your case, and even a nobody like me can get herself a hand of tickets.

My first show was Florian Jayet. I’d lost my ticket but fortunately an email on my not-quite-clever-enough-to-be-a-smart phone got me in. Florian Jayet was great show. Check out the silver dress with the veil. Beautiful. There was also some killer shoes and lovely surface patterns.

Dans La Vie was also a really fun show.

We met up with Katie Antoniou and Sabrina Bangladesh who introduced us to a world of corporate hospitality for bloggers. Hello warm comfy hotel suite, cups of tea, free food, champagne (which I turned down) and goodie bags. The Glam Blogger’s Suite was a really a bit of a haven over LFW. It was also where we met the very lovely Isabella.

Feel very refreshed we made our way to spijkers en spijkers. I didn’t have a very good seat, so I didn’t know what anyone was wearing below about hip level, but it was still one of my favourite collections of the season. I loved all of it; the music, the hair, the styling and I would wear every outfit there.


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