LFW Day 1

This blog has been unusually quite as of late and the reason for that is Fashion Flu. It’s essentially the same as Freshers Flu, except more glamorous. In both cases a combination of total exhaustion, meeting lots of new people with new germs and a general lack of proper nutrition leads to intense feelings of poorlyness. Most people are struck down by this fashion flu by the fourth or fifth day; I think the organizers know this, I think this is why they give you so many free bottles of vitamin water. I was so badly stuck down that I actually had to go home to Suffolk so my parents could look after me.

Anyway, day one of London Fashion Week AW 12/13. My first show was Corrie Nielsen, which was fantastic. I am writing up and illustrating the show for Lionheart Magazine so watch this space. Despite having my picture taken a couple of times I don’t personally have any pictures of my outfit. It was a wide leg floral jumpsuit with a velvet jacket and big hat. Very comfy but a pain to get in and out of if you have to go to the loo.

I am also writing up and illustrating Fam Irvoll’s super colourful and slightly mad show.

This is about the only decent photo I got of Francesca Marotta’s show. My little camera doesn’t  like low lighting and busy backgrounds. You can see some much better pictures and read the review by Akeela here.

After three shows in a row I went to grandparent’s flat in Baker Street and raided the fridge. I am very disappointed to have missed Orla Kiely’s presentation, which sounds like the most ‘me’ that could possibly be fitted into a room: tea, cake, jazz and pretty dresses. Alas.

After cups of tea and a lot of stinky cheese on crackers, I headed to Satoshi Date’s presentation and had a lovely catch up with June and Danielle and marveled at his beautiful clothes.


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