a little collaboration

A little while a ago due to a mutual love of each other’s work I approached the very talented Nancy Straughan about a possible a collaboration. Nancy graduated from uni the same time as me , and since has been creating and selling stunning fabric and has recently had a feature in Good Homes magazine.

First step will be incorporating her beautiful designs into my collages, and second step hopefully with be to incorporate my drawings into her designs and create some fabric together. As you an probably tell I’m a bit obsessed with textile design at the moment.

I received this lovely collection of her different designs in the post today. Aren’t they just beautiful? All the patterns are so different as evoke such different emotion and moods. I can’t wait to start working with these see how they inspire my work.


One thought on “a little collaboration

  1. Hi Emma,
    This is such a great opportunity! I love that you will in the near future, have your designs on fabrics! Have you ever thought about designing scrapbook papers?. I LOVE to have your very modern & trendy drawings (especially the Parisian sketches, the beautiful ladies in pretty outfits and the cute tea sets) be printed as scrapbook pattern papers. All the best!

    – Shahrul –

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