style icon: jean seberg

I’ve decided to a little series of post on my personal style icons. First up Jean Seberg.
I share Jean’s love of stripes and classic cuts, though I’m not quite brave enough to cut my hair as short as hers and I’m far too lazy to wear eye liner everyday. I love the sixties and I love Paris and Jean’s look perfectly encapsulates both of those things. (me)


6 thoughts on “style icon: jean seberg

  1. Here I am growing out my hair & then BAM! There’s Jean Seberg & you with your darling pixie cuts. Suddenly, I want to cut my hair off. And buy more striped shirts (a girl can never have too many stripes!).
    Not sure if you’ve heard about an ongoing project by Lucky Jackson, 365 Lucky Days (an original piece of art made every day – embroidered/textile pieces) but she did one on Seberg & wanted to share –
    I adore your art!
    Caren from thevintageapartment on Etsy

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