Book Review: Angie Lewin, Plants and Places

Plant and Places, by Angie Lewin, would have been a wonderful surprise christmas present, had I not spotted it in my mum’s wardrobe whilst searching for a cardigan a few days before (sorry Mum). Nevertheless it was a delightful present, and I spent my Christmas afternoon watching Downton Abbey and voraciously reading Plants and Places the moment the adverts came on.

Plants and Places is more than just a coffee table book, it is an open and honest account of how an artist creates her work. It is delightfully illustrated with sketches, photos, collages, work in progresses and finished prints.

“How was it made?” is a question that often crosses the mind when faced with beautiful art. Where so many artists are secretive about their working practices, Lewin gladly obliges, showing us the inner workings of her sketchbooks and studios.

The book is divided into sections like coats, meadow and garden, and river and loch, and by understanding Lewin’s environment, inspirations and unique perspective on the world we begin to appreciate her work in whole new light. The book is available to buy here


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