One of the best things about getting back to London, after being away for the holidays, was finally getting my hands on my very own copy of Lionheart magazine. It was on the door step waiting for me when I got home and I’ve almost read it cover to cover. It is as well written as it is pretty; not just beautiful to look at but insightful and in-depth. I’ve read it on a packed central line tube and over a nice pot of earl grey.

The beautiful cover illustration is by Gemma Milly.

I love the interview with Pat Albeck, who has had a fascinating creative carreer. I also love the illustration by Fritha Strickland.

Great interview with Quincy Lampstades.

An article on bravery by Cherry Healey, who I love.Ice cream recipe illustrated by Karolina Burdon.Gorgeous illustrations by Abbie Wright.I think the article that excited me the most was The Lazy Quilter, as I have have my own half finished (a quarter finished) quilt, which you can see in the background, that I don’t know a how to complete. Thank you Hannah Bullivant!

And I actually almost forgot me!


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