Drawing in The British Museum

A couple of days ago I went to the British Museum with Lydia. She said it was very Emma day as it mostly consisted of drawing and having tea and cake. The British Museum is quite tiring anyway due to it’s vast proportions, so trying to draw in there is exhusting. We eschewed the the paper cups and nosy school children of the in house cafe and popped across the road to Tea and Tattle. Tea and Tattle is a tiny hidden gem of a cafe, with excellent whole leaf tea, coffee and homemade cakes. And no paper cups, only bone china.

Here are some of my sketches. It’s very good for an artist to get out of the house and draw from life in public, I think; it’s a nice challenge.

After another few hours of wandering and drawing we left to meet Katie at DrinkShop&Do, a favourite place of mine and another very good place to have a pot of tea. DrinkShop&Do is a lot bigger and bit busier that Tea and Tattle and sells beautiful crafty/homemade things.


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