2011 in review

2011 has been a huge year for me, full of changes, with lots of good things and bad things. Uni was good experience, but leaving uni was even better. I’m less stressed and more happy now, and excited about the new year.


The biggest event of January 2011 for me was the ACOFI launch party, where I met lots of wonderful people that I have stayed very good friends with. I also completed my four simultaneous uni projects in time for January assessments and went to the London Art Fair at the Islington Design Centre.


February was a busy month; I felt like I was barely in the house. I attended London Fashion Week for the first time ever courtesy of Amelia’s Magazine. I had an interview with The Bright Agency and was contacted by Hardie Grant books. I was also lucky enough to get featured on the D&AD website.


I once again took on the challenge of writing and illustrating a children’s book for the Macmillan prize. I didn’t get listed, but I’m a lot happier with it than I was last year. I  did an illustration for Oh Comley magazine, went to Pick Me up at Somerset House and started work on my first project for The Bright Agency


In April I was working very, very busily on both my Final Major Project, illustrations of The Secret Garden, the book which came to be known as Tea and Cake. I also baked lots of cakes for my brothers’ and grandpa’s birthday. The result of taking on a workload twice that of a normal third year student ,was that I spent the day of the royal Wedding, and the next few days, in bed with a stomach ulcer.


Some how I managed to finish my Final Major Project on time,  with a lot of kind support from tutors, whilst continuing with Tea and Cake and designing a range of cards. It was a complete and utter relief when uni finished. Not only was my time at university over, but the university’s time at Cat Hill was over too.


I was no longer at uni, but I was still busy. I finally finish my last tea and cake illustrations which was a wonderful feeling, I worked on  more cards for bright agency, and got everything ready for the degree show. The show itself was a wonderful night and a big success. My work was also shown at D&AD New Blood and New Designers, and I attended the ACOFI book tour at Tatty Devine.


Graduation was completely emotionally overwhelming, and not really in a good way, but the day got better as I wnet to the Jacques Town House with my best friend Katie.  Tea and Cake became available for preorder, which was very execiting, and the christmas cards I designed for woodmansterne cards arrived.  I went to Illustration Rally’s Paint it! Make it! Party for Japan, and took a day trip to Cambridge with the boyfriend.


In august I received my first printed copy of Tea and Cake. I got into rooftop gardening, my nannie came to visit, and I did a piece for Lionheart Magazine.


Once again I went to LFW and had an amazing time. I did my first editorial piece since graduating; a double page spread for the British Heart Foundation magazine, and whilst in suffolk I made my annual pilgrimage to the Polstead Art Fair.


I took a break from constant work and went to Paris for three days with my boyfriend. I did an illustration for Rokit vintage, and enjoyed autumn with lots of gardening and walks in the park.


I finally got around to opening my etsy shop, after saying I was going to do so in June. I produced some portfolio work, started work on a big range of cards, wrote an article for the Guardian online and saw my book in a shop for the first time.


In December I spent a lot of time in Suffolk as my Mum had major back surgery. I think my this point I needed a rest really as I was ill most the time I was home. I was ill again back in London and missed most of the Christmas parties I wanted to go to, but I did manage to make it to an illustrator meet up in Hyde Park. I received the good news that my piece had been accepted into the  AOI Images book, I worked on a website banner for a street food site. I celebrated my birthday with some good friends and then went home for Christmas.


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