Tea and Cake Tips

Here are some of my personal tea and cake tips (with help from my mum)

When making tea in a pot always use fresh water in the kettle, not stuff that’s already been boiled.

Warm the tea pot first with some boiling water before the tea goes in

Add one teaspoon of tea for each person and one for the pot. This doesn’t apply to teabags though!

Never microwave a cold cup of tea, it just isn’t worth it.


When baking use cold butter for pastry and room temperature for cakes.

Eggs should be room temperature for baking too.

After you’ve piped your Viennese biscuits onto a tray put them in the freezer to set before they go in the oven, they’ll keep their shape better.

The secret to chewy cookies is golden syrup in the dough.

Before your macaroons go in the oven tap the tray on the work surface to get rid of big air bubbles.

The secret to meringues with a chewy center is to add cornflower to your egg whites.

Chill your pastry in the fridge for half an hour before you roll it out.

Never melt chocolate in the microwave. Melt chocolate in bowl over a pan of hot water. Never let water touch the melting the chocolate though, it will seize be unusable.


For more tip and recipes you can buy Tea and Cake from Amazon WHSmiths  or have look in your local book shop.


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