Raspberry Macaroons with White Chocolate

This will be first of a week long series some of favourite recipes and illustrations from Tea And Cake (out in just two days!).

I’m a big macaroon fan so I can’t wait to try these.

Raspberry Macaroons with White Chocolate


  • 120 g (4 ¼ oz / 1 ¼ cups) almond meal (ground almonds)
  • 220 g (7 ¾ oz / 2 cups) icing (confectioners’) sugar
  • 110 g (3 ¾ oz) egg white
  • 30 g (1 oz/ ½ cup) caster (superfine) sugar
  • 2 tsp natural raspberry extract
  • Pink food colouring, paste or powdered is preferable

White Chocolate Ganache

  • 120 g (4 ¼ oz) white chocolate, chopped
  • 2 ½ tbsp pouring (single) cream
  • 2 tsp natural raspberry extract
  • 3 tsp raspberry jam

Makes about 30

  • Line 2 baking trays with baking paper. Process the almond meal and icing sugar in a food processor until combined, then sift twice. Place the egg white in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat on medium speed until frothy, then increase the speed while gradually adding the caster sugar. Continue beating until stiff peaks form, then mix in the raspberry extract and enough colouring for desired effect. Fold one third into the almond mixture and combine well. Gently fold through the remaining egg white mixture; it should be glossy and thick, not thin and runny.
  • Transfer to a piping bag fitted with a 5 mm (1/4 inch) plain nozzle and pipe 3 cm (1 ¼ inch) circles about 3 cm (1 ¼ inches) apart onto the trays. Leave at room temperature for 1-6 hours (depending on the humidity) or until a crust forms; the macaroons should no longer be sticky to the touch.
  • Preheat the oven to 140°C (275°F / Gas 1). Bake the macaroons for 15-18 minutes until they rise slightly. Immediately slide the macaroons and paper off the trays and onto wire racks to cool completely.
  • Meanwhile, to make the ganache, place the chocolate and cream in the top of a double boiler over medium heat and stir until melted and smooth. Refrigerate for 25-35 minutes or until firm but pliable. Add the raspberry extract and jam and mix well.
  • Transfer to a small piping bag fitted with a 1 cm (½ inch) plain nozzle and pipe about 1 teaspoon onto half of the macaroons. Sandwich with the remaining macaroons.
You can buy Tea and Cake from Amazon WHSmiths  or have look in your local book shop.

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