Paris day 2

On the second day we visited the catacombs. I was very worried about tripping over in my excessively large palazzo pants so I tucked them into my socks whilst we were underground. I didn’t take any photos because they would have been rubbish without the flash and it seemed a bit disrespectful to take tourist snaps of dead people. I was a very interesting and thought provoking experience though. After being about 20 meters under the city we went to one of the highest points in the city. Montmartre is stunning whichever way you’re facing; the splendour of Sacre Coeur is only matched by the beauty of view over Paris.

The streets below are bustling, and you really need to watch your handbag. This is the place to come if you want postcards, cheap clothes or expensive sweets.  My favourite clothes shop, which I’ve visited every time I’ve been in Paris, is a treasure trove of ‘pre-loved’ bargains. We bought two silk ties, two scarfs and a winter coat for 6 euros 50. Afterwards I had a throughly french lunch; chicken with ratatouille and a nice glass of wine. There are a lot of quirky little shops in this area, unfortunately most of them are very expensive. I loved the look of this sweet shop below, but I refused to pay 20 euros for  a box of biscuits when my boyfriend would most likely eat them in one sitting. We walked from Montmartre to the Gallery Lafayette just to marvel at it’s breathtaking stained glass domed ceiling. After that we felt very tired (wine for lunch?) and headed back for a hotel room picnic. Here I am picking up some bread for supper. 


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