Day 1, part 2

I took rather a lot of photos on the first day so I split the post into two parts.

After lunch (cheese and ham crepe on the bank of the Seine) we continued our walk to the Eiffel Tower. As we walked up the Champ de Elysee we came across I building I had always wondered about. It turns out the big glass building with the flag on top was is actually the Grand Palais. After walking from Notre Dame we couldn’t face anything quite that big, so we opted for the Petit Palais. As you can see from the pictures it was so, so beautiful. A highlight of the trip.
After having a cup of mint tea in the garden of the Petit Palais (the most beautiful place I’ve ever drank tea) we continued on our quest to the Eiffel Tower.We didn’t actually go up it because the queue was horrific and to be honest I think the view from Montmartre is better. We get a good look at it though. 


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