Paris, day 1

I have loved paris since I visited in my first year of uni. I have seen it the middle of summer and depths of winter, so it was nice this time to see it in autumn.  After catching the train from london at 5:30 in the morning, and after a quick coffee once we checked into our hotel, my boyfriend and I headed straight to Notre Dame.

I dragged him round a few flowers markets before we saw what we came to see. I’d only seen the Notre Dame once before, at night and with a giant christmas tree in front of it. Despite the crowds it maintained a dignified and tranquil air inside the cathedral.
Walking over the bridge we noticed hundreds of locks, ribbons (and socks) tied to the railings with couples names on these. I don’t know if this is a common practice but it seemed very romantic to me. With the vague intention was making our way to Eiffel tower we walked along the river to the Louvre. The Tuileries might be my favourite place in Paris. You don’t need to do anything there. Just sit and enjoy. Paris day 1 part 2 coming up soon


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