green fingers

I’ve finally found my green fingers. After many unsuccessful gardening attempts in a lawn almost devoid of sunlight and with a family who couldn’t be less interested, I began to doubt flowers even came from seeds. The idea the I would put a seed in the ground and something would come from it seemed unlikely. I never imaged the outside of my little flat could look like this. With lots if sun and no weeds or wind everything here seems to flourish. I’m very into growing edibles. So far I’ve got lots of lettuce, basil, parsley, chives, sage, rocket and tomatoes. Any other suggestions for easy things to grow and eat? x


4 thoughts on “green fingers

  1. Are you growing tomatoes on your window sill or outside? I want to grow some but only have a window sill (albeit one with lots of light), but not sure how’ll they will do. Ditto salad. Am similarly ungreen fingered 😀 x

    • The salad is growing really well on the window sill and tomatoes are outside. I’m no expert but they’ll probably be okay on a window sill if it’s only a little tomato plant. x

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