So I’m hopping on the band wagon with this blogged retrospective of 2010, though I’m not sure how it could interest anyone.


I began the year on a drawing trip to Paris. Although I stayed with a friend, I traveled on my own (which was a big thing for me) and spent most my time wandering around Paris freezing cold, sketch book in hand. It was wonderful and inspiring trip.


Old ladies

The view

When I got back to England and back to uni, I started the macmillan project, which was to create a 32 page children’s book. I had been really looking forward to this project since the beginning, but once I started I really struggled with it.


I think Feburary was just spent wandering around uni crying, when I managed to go in at all. Still attempting to work on the children’s book. I did have a lovely first valentine with my boyfriend though.



I got hospitalized with food poising just before the deadline for the children’s book project, which is probably the best thing that could of happened really. Few days after I recovered from the food poisoning I was off to New York with the rest of my class. After 6 days of not eating I very much enjoyed eating in New york.


I also did my first ever copper engraving and made friend with the lovely print from staff (and then made myself very at home in their staff room)

Copper carrousel



Not sure what happened in April, was it Easter? I was probably still walking around crying. Finally got my children’s book done, and started work on a project drawing in the V&A.

Page 6


Finished the V&A project, and the illustration department held a very successful art sale which I help organize. Uni finally ended and I didn’t really want to go back.



I went to Cambridge for my cousin’s birthday party, and did lots of drawing including this piece, which was to mark a significant milestone in my work. This was the first piece that I had done ina long time that I actually like, and the mixed media collage is now my chosen way of working. I also decided that cleaning would be a good way of making money of the summer.


Emma block punting on the camb


I joined twitter and met lots of lovely people and started do lots of illustrations for Amelia’s Magazine. In particular I worked really hard to get my pieces ready for the Compendium of Fashion Illustration deadline, which I finished half an hour before the midnight deadline. I went to an incredible party at the Jacques town house with my best friend Katie, and I found a flat to live in. I also was exhibited in the Mail Me Art show. Busy month.



Mail art 1



I continued working for the lovely Amelia’s Magazine, which was the main creative inspiration behind my super productive summer. I also created pieces for Ballad Of and Cellardoor. Also the day before I went to holiday to Mallorca I got commissioned to do a piece for TimeOut, which I managed to do in about 6 hours. I had a lovely two week holiday with all my family.

Time out 2




I got back from holiday and moved in my lovely flat, officially known as The Cottage with three lovely girls. I was asked by Woodmansterne to design a range of Christmas cards which was very exciting.  I also got to see my work for cellardoor in the new issue which was very exciting too.



Love vintage


My first project was to design three book covers and a slipcase for some Gerald Durrell books which I really enjoyed. I was asked to do the poster for the new Michel Gondrey film, after being recommended by Amelia Gregory. I didn’t get the job in the end, but it was an honour just to be considered for such an incredible job.



I went to the Ballad Of launch party which was great fun, and my work was exhibited and sold in the 2010 I-Spy Edgeware Road exhibition.  Fell apart a little bit with at the beginning of the second project but got it together enough to do these Selfridges posters.



Hand bags poster lo res


I saw images of the proofs from Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration which was amazing. I also entered Company magazine’s fashion illustration competition and was shortlisted. I did some editorial pieces for a project at uni, and the illustration department held a very successful Christmas art shop. Also my 21st birthday was in December, and my housemates threw me a wonderful tea party in the cottage, and I had afternoon at Claridges with my grandparents.



The girls
Me and al

So all in all an amazing year, that ended an awful lot better than it started. I’m hoping 2011 will bring just as many exciting new things.



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