Don’t Forget to Write

This is my submission to Ballad Of's next issue, which is themed Don't Forget to Write. This is inspired by vintage postcards and Suffolk, the beautiful place where I live.

Yes, in Suffolk the shops close at 4:30, or 12:00 on Wednesdays), there's only 3 buses a day and they take 2 hours to travel 16 miles, and the mobile phone reception leaves a lot to be desired, but look how pretty it is:


9 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Write

  1. It IS pretty! Love the drawing. I’m hoping to explore a tiny bit of England in a few years (2011? 2012?)- any recommendations? Perhaps Suffolk? šŸ™‚

  2. [this is good] Love the photographs of Suffolk. A glorious summer’s day, shops that close at 12:00 on Wednesday, and NO “yellow lines” (vehicle parking restrictions): Heaven. Absolute Heaven. It was like that in Hampshire, when I was growing. We still do have the sunny days. But early closing on Wednesday has gone. Instead we have horrible yellow lines, and horrible traffic signs, everywhere!

  3. Central London can be good – in fact very good – see the street photographs on  pebaline’s London Happens blog – was on VOX at , but now at .But, for England at its best, you need to get well outside of the M25 ( the ring motorway around London ), beyond suburbia, to where there are green fields, trees, and the county side. Suffolk would be good. But actually any direction out of London will do. Like in Emma’s Suffolk photographs, on a sunny day, it is glorious.

  4. Oh Beautiful images! I know Suffolk VERY well – I’m up the road in Norfolk. I know all about shops closing at 4.30pm – that’s if you actually have any shops within a 15 minute drive – absolute bliss – a beautiful county! LOVE your illustrations! xx

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