we’re in business!

After literally years I have finally gotten around to making myself a little
website! Here it is! I'm so
excited! Take a look. 🙂

And to go with my smart new website, smart new business cards! I LOVE moo cards,
particularly the fact that you can make every card different and design
the back as well as the front. I would honestly never buy business
cards from anyone else.



4 thoughts on “we’re in business!

  1. [this is good] That is a very nice website. I hope you excuse my boorishness, but I think it may be better if you put a picture of yourself up on the site as well. The one of you holding the prints is quite nice.  In case those who are unfamiliar with what you look like, can see. It adds a bit of humanity to the site, and people like to see the artist. Let me put it this way: you’re cute so it can only help. If you weren’t I would suggest it.Well that’s just my 2 cents. Either way it’s a great clean and fresh layout. Best of luck,Faust.

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