Giveaway !!

I was in a pickle deciding what to do with a couple of my
prints. They’re tiny bit creased at the back but you can’t really see it at the
front. I can’t sell them but I’d still like them to have a new home.

solution is… a giveaway!

The prints are of two of my Paris illustrations, my
favourite city in the world. They are 8" x 10", archival prints with a thin white border to make it easy to frame them. To win them just comment and tell me what your
favourite city is (bonus points for why). I’ll pick a winner next Tuesday. 😀

P.S. If you don't have a vox account you can comment on Flickr or tweet me. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Giveaway !!

  1. Oh, what lovely prints!!! I want to win! I do love Paris, but my favorite city…
    There are too many to choose from!
    I love Venice for the windy streets and beautiful buildings–so easy to get lost, but totally fun!
    I love Garmisch (germany) for the beautiful alps, fantastic hiking, and quaint little town.
    I love Prague for the stunning architecture and… Just all around atmosphere!
    I guess for favorite I’ll have to go with Garmisch since I lived there and miss it dearly!!! I miss goign to the coffee shop and biking to the mountains. I miss hiking to the halfway house and drinking beer! haha
    Thsi was way logner than it should be… =]

  2. [this is good]

    Oo la la!A chance to have your delightful prints hanging in my home in America?Yes, please!Spinning the globe round and round, my finger would land on Venice, my favorite city.Merci!

  3. [c’est top] My favorite city is a city where I went for Holidays when I was kid. This is in France, near the sea, in Bretagne. I’m french, I know Paris and I traveled a lot to London, Barcelona, Berlin… even Seoul! But I have learnt from all these travels that a place where you feel home is the best thing you could never have.I like this little city, called “Auray” where you can know by heart the streets, but people are always different and smiling at you.That’s it!By the way, I love your style!

  4. Wow, I love these Paris prints! They are wonderful.

    My favourite city is Dublin – I love a morning of shopping, coffee and carrot cake in Bewley’s, a wander around Trinity University to take a few pictures, and then (if it’s not raining!) a picnic in St Stephen’s Green, feeding the ducks with scraps of bread and chatting to a friend on the grass.Also, my grandparents live just outside Dublin, so my childhood memories are all in and around Dublin…I just love it!!

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