my favourite place on earth

Also known as the V&A. I set myself I project to use drawing of the V&A's collection as the basis for a range of signage and ephemera (aren't signage and ephemera great words?). The V&A is an amazing place, I've been more time than I can remember yet I still manage to stumble into rooms I've never been in before. The idea of these pieces is that as well as just telling where the cloakroom is there also show you something beautiful from the museum's collection, something which you can then go find, perhaps taking you somewhere you hadn't been before. The idea is to incourage people to explore more, see new things, mix it up a bit when the glasses cases are starting to get over whelming. My other hope is that people would follow my example and draw within the collection. I promise you it's a rewarding pursuit.
(sorry about the poor image quality, I'm using my rubbish suffolk computer not my good london computer at the moment)


One thought on “my favourite place on earth

  1. These are beautiful.  esp lke the coats and the composition of the keys. Nice idea to set your own prject too =]

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