Je suis un illustrateur

Street vendorsFountainsFumerMarketCarrousewlWalkingTea cupsThe view

I am so
very behind that I haven't even posted about my drawing trip to Paris In

Four days staying with a friend in Paris, drawing, eating
my weight in pastry, and learning to tie my scarf in increasingly creative and
elaborate ways
. I went to Louvre, Musee de
l'Orangerie and Les Arts Decoratifs
, the d'Orsay, Notre Dame, the Eiffle
Tower and the Sacre-coeur. Here are some of my sketchbook work (I just about
filled a whole sketchbook) and a few of my favorite photos.


3 thoughts on “Je suis un illustrateur

  1. [this is good] hi Emma, I really like you work a lot. I had one of your music tracks marked as a favourite about a year ago, but I never did check out your blog. But now that I see it, I have one word to say….”Beautiful”. Thanks a lot for these.

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