This was a little Christmas project, inspired by a vingtage tin I got that depicted two young children carrying a huge spool of thread. It's just a little fairy tale I made up to go with it.




Once apon a time there was a seamstress who was very poor. She knew that if we didn't finish her work she wouldn't be able to feed her children and she was nearly out of thread. Her children seeing her distress quickly came up with a plan. Once their mother had fallen into an uneasy sleep they snuck out of house, out of the village and into the woods. They walked and walked until they found the giant's house. It was so vast they they could sneak in under the door. They pulled the giant's huge quilt up over his massive head so that if he woke up he wouldn't see them. They crept into the parlor and took just one spool of thread from the giant's sewing box. They carried it all night though the forrest, even though it seemed to increase in size and heaviness with every step and reached home at dawn.


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