Escalator Etiquette

Can you tell I'm a Londoner?

These are for the new issue of the zine the students on my course produce (Meow Magazine). This month's theme is I Love London so this was what I did. I'm also on the editing team this year and we have big plans for it.


5 thoughts on “Escalator Etiquette

  1. After my recent long weekend in London, these are my favourite things you’ve done so far! I think the transport companies should commission you for some underground murals.:)

  2. I love London too.And it is amazing how incredibly NICE everyone is in the Tube.Was always moving The Kid about with suitcases and all, and people just insisted on helping out.Very cute signs!

  3. [this is good] I LOVE this. definitely a lurker here but these ones made me come out. I love the last one especially. Thank you for these. They’re wonderful.

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