Little red riding hood

This was my first project at uni. Everyone was given colour to research, to be inspired by and to create a piece capturing the essence of. Mine was scarlet and I went down a little red riding hood avenue. I'm getting very into the darker side of fairytales and their prevalence in our culture. This bit in the Guardian about fairytales is definitely worth a read.

Anyway, ironically for a project about scarlet I draw it all in black and white. I carefully cut red riding hood out so that last red page would show through all the way to the first. 


12 thoughts on “Little red riding hood

  1. [esto es genial] so beautiful , its a funny and cute  way to tell a very well known tale :caperucita roja (in spanish)

  2. if ur interested in the darker side of fairytales, check out the korean thriller Hanzel and Gretel !! 🙂 Great cinematrogaphy

  3. Thank you! I do sell prints sometimes; I don’t have really the time or engery to keep my shop stocked all the time but I do take requests, so if there’s something you want I’m sure I could make a print of it for you. x

  4. I do indeed. I’ve just relised that I just should stock up my shop for Christmas, so I’ve listed a few prints, and will list more in the next few weeks. Let me know if their’s anything specific you want. 🙂

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