more personal work

Negative thoughts are like moths. You need to catch them before they start to do damage. Something I'm getting better at.


7 thoughts on “more personal work

  1. [this is good] Sometimes, before you could catch it, it already flew away and planted a small seed in your mind. Then there is a battle between positive and negative thoughts.  To avoid that, I think I need a bigger and faster catcher. By the way,  I like your creation combined your thought with your drawing.  Nice job!

  2. I hope those aren’t real moths Miss Snugglemuffin!!You’ll be getting in all sorts of trouble like Damien Hirst!;)Great work though…

  3. hi
    sorry for being such a lousy commenter, but you are such a talented girl and I am really eager to see every of your posts – don´t let yourself bring down by nasty little thoughts! If they are growing big – go and read your comments – there are so many people AROUND the world appreciating your work, they can´t be wrong!!!
    Good luck and warmest regards from Vienna,
    ps if you ever want something from Vienna, even from H

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