summer work

In the last month I moved out of my (rather nicely decorated) room in halls of residence.

And into my grandparent's baker street flat for the summer


My summer project set by my second year tutor was to create six bits of work from six different times over the summer. These then needed to be posted to our second year tutor, with the packaging an important part of the project. My first project was to record things about my last weeks at halls. Little things like how I decorated my room, the pens on my desk, the people and met and the old photos my boyfriend gave me. Here are a fews bits of that work. 



8 thoughts on “summer work

  1. [this is good] Thank you for sharing this.  Where do you live/go to school?
    And HOW did you make those tissue paper pom poms?!

  2. I live and study in London and the tissue paper pompoms are a Martha Stewart creation. I found instructions on her website. x

  3. [this is good] I hope you don’t get tired of hearing how lovely your work is.  I really do enjoy it.  :)

  4. [this is good] Emma, you are so wonderfully talented!  I love being in your neighborhood :)Have a wonderful summer!

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