t-shirts that weren’t

I was going to make the most of the uni's screenprint facilities and screenprint myself some t-shirts. I had them all designed but then I had to have a lot of emergency hospital, doctor's and optician's appointment about my eyes. I had my eyes dilated, ultrasounded, completely numbed and thoroughly checked in a myriad of different ways. They're fine but I missed my opportunity to screen print. Anyway, here's what I was going print on t-shirts. They're in black and white so I could expose the images onto the screen.



10 thoughts on “t-shirts that weren’t

  1. Thanks! I was going to screenprint them. The black line drawing would be printed out and and placed on top of a screen with a light sensitive coating, the image would be exposed and then you can print with the screen.

  2. ohh im trying to understand :(  (mi primary language is spanish and my english is pretty rusty) in my  college we used serigrafia and its almosta the same thing , or in other cases like the transfers i hope i ll see the final result of your t shirts, now im creating cartucheras( like little bags ,  everybody carry pencils and pens  (i dont know how is in english sorry) and in few days i am going to upload in the blog , i hope you can see it XD

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