ink, paper, photoshop and coffee

My last project of the year was to produce two pages of graphic novel. And remember those books we all had to write about a memory or event in our lives? We all got given someone's else's book to work from, which certainly made it interesting. I won't tell you the story I got because hopefully my comic should do that for you. Click larger to read it.

We had a very tight deadline for this project which resulted in my consuming a litre and half of coffee in one day in order to get it done. To my great surprise I got a first, which was one of the highest grades in the class, which definitely makes rotting my insides with coffee worth it.


6 thoughts on “ink, paper, photoshop and coffee

  1. [this is good] You illustrated the story very well!! Great job Dear, the  high grade was well deserved. I will now go pour myself some more coffee and rot my gut further. 😉

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