I heart ny

Here are the pages for my memory based book called 'I Heart NY'. I'll write more about each page on the individual image description. It's concertina bound with a thick white outer cover that is embossed with the New York sky line, but unfortunatly my tutors still have the actual book. My tutor gave it a provisional 2:1 grade but when he showed it to my second year tutor he said he'd been stingy and said that he would have given it a 1st. Firsts in the first year are very rare and it was a big enough deal that my tutor came to tell me this himself. However the second year tutor isn't marking it so I shouldn't get too excited. If you'd like to see some my friend's books they've posted pages from theirs on their blogs here and here (blogs belonging to Gemma and James respectively, two very talented people).


6 thoughts on “I heart ny

  1. [this is good] I do hope someday soon to see your artwork in print, in books and magazines. You have a great style.

  2. [this is good] both the other books are beautiful but I have to agree with chickleta, yours is my favorite. lovely.

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