drawing from memory


My current project is called drawing from memory, and you have to illustrate a memory, story or event from your life. I picked my first night in New York and here's a page I've been working on. This took me hours. For a short time it was the bane of my life. I was concentrating so hard and so in the zone that when someone knocked on my door the shock of it made me literally scream with fright. The people knocking on my door was quite rightly weirded out.


12 thoughts on “drawing from memory

  1. omg thats great!!i totally loved wt u did with the windows!! great job! ur concentration came out with a great outcome 😀

  2. [this is good] omg its great , dis you ever work some of your draws at photoshop , i cant use it very well , so its a disavantageee , but i think the without photoshop its more great, so i love your worrk ¡¡¡

  3. [this is good] sorry sorry i wrote the coment so wrongg , my questions is have you ever work any of your draws on photoshop? byee

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