a drawing a month

Some time last year I saw a draw-your-own-calender which obviously I had to have. It's got a nice big space to work and is printed on lovely thick paper that you can work straight onto. It's also very nice to draw something some a month that is purely for yourelf. I'm so busy and I have so many projects these days that that happens a lot less often than you'd think.

Here's January


And Feburary

And here's the calender in action


11 thoughts on “a drawing a month

  1. i love it!  yay for doing stuff for yourself!  ever since i opened my little etsy shop i feel guilty anytime i sit down at the sewing machine to make something for myself…

  2. I just love your artwork! I could see you art on greetings cards I really could or mugs, Id buy a mug with your artwork on.

  3. Thank you! Yeah, I had been thinking about prints, maybe monthly limited edition print runs; now I’m not living at home I just need to find a new printer.

  4. Thank you. You shouldn’t feel guilty! But I get exactly what you mean. I’m so used to producing illustrations for briefs it’s a bit odd to just do something whithout a specic aim, just for the sake of it.

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