I really haven't kept up with my blogging at all this year. Hopefully I'll get better. I've been working hard though. Briefing on Monday at 10:00 am, research and 20 thumbnail sketches to be done by 2:00 that afternoon, final artwork ready for a 10:00 deadline on Thursday, new project brief at 11:00, 20 more thumbnail sketches done by 2:00, final artwork for 10:00 next Monday morning, next project brief at 11:00 etc, etc. Plus a day of life drawing, a day of 3D Design and a day of History of Art and Design.

Here's a piece of work for an editorial project based on the word Pandemonium:


1. the abode of all demons; Hell.
2. any scene of wild confusion or disorder.


I went with the first meaning and interpreted it as someone's personal hell because I didn't want to just draw lots of red, flamey, pointy stuff.


9 thoughts on “Pandemonium

  1. [this is good] Wonderful interpretation!!! It still has your signature sweetness. It belongs in a childrens book!

  2. Thanks, Alex! Scary isn’t something I usually do, but I really enjoyed this project.
    No, it’s just some craft paper I had lying around.

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