I have haven't been posting much lately, as I've been busy this past week. Busy with what you ask? Busy designing Christmas cards for Moo. That's right, Moo have asked me to be and one of their designers. Contracts have been signed and everything. I am incredibly honoured. Some of their other designers are amazing (I particularly like Daphne Louter, Andrea Joseph and our own Marc Johns). Here's a sneak peak at some of the Christmas card designs I'm working on.




21 thoughts on “News

  1. [this is good] Christmas cards? Awesome! That’s right up your alley. Now all I need to do it use up all my stationary by December so I can buy some of your designs!

  2. [ciò è buono] FANtastic!!!!!  I cannot wait to purchase your cards & smugly share them with my friends!
    Your artwork is so amazing simple and sweet. It always makes me think of my childhood and how simple life once was! :0)

  3. [this is good] Oh, I totally missed this news! How fantastic! Congratulations! I love and even more now that I know you’re part of it. 🙂

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