tell me what you think

So, I am entering competition to create an everyday cute character, with the possibility of being printed on cards and sold at Marks and Spencers. You're are allowed five entries and I have seven, so please tell you what you think of them. Which one is your favourite, which one would you buy, is there anything not right or off putting about them? Your opinions will my greatly, greatly appreciated.









ETA: Thank you so much for all your answers. The five final card designs are now on the website and competition is closed. Thanks again.


24 thoughts on “tell me what you think

  1. [this is good] *squee!*  I love all of them!  I like the Cupcake Bunny and the Flower Bunny, but the Cupcake Bunny is definately more *cute*. 

  2. [this is good] Flower Bunny, Hedgehog, Mice, Monkey, Present Bear
    These are my favourite 5.  They are all really wonderful, though!  You are so creative, it is wonderful!

  3. [this is good] ::head explodes from the cuteness::I think that you should have no trouble winning. My favourite five are the hedgehog, the present bear, the waving bear, the mice and the monkey.

  4. [this is good] Good luck with the competition! This seems right up your alley.
    Hedgehog, present bear, mice, monkey, and the flower bunny would be my votes. 🙂

  5. [this is good] Oh My Goodness I can’t choose!!! Bunny cupcake, green monkey, waving hedge hog, engagement mice, flower bunnyI wish you BUNCHES of Luck!!! Keep us posted!

  6. [this is good] Congratulations!  How fun is that?
    I love the monkey, the hedgehog, and the flower bunny.  (But so hard to choose!)

  7. [this is good] They’re all exceptional, I really hope you win, I’d buy one of those cards.I think the hedgehog and monkey are my favourites 🙂

  8. [esto es genial] They are all fantastic! I really like the green monkey… it’s pretty hard to pick though. I think the engagement mice are maybe a bit like other stuff which is out there, whereas the others are a bit more special.

  9. They are all pretty good, but I particularly like cupcake bunny, the green monkey and the flower bunny. The hedgehog and mice look familiar to me from other illustrations, but I can’t remember the artists names. Good luck.

  10. [this is good] The hedgehog is the cutest!! o_0 Hmm..but I think you should definitely include the flower bunny to your entries, because judging on your past posts…it’s more “you”. I can’t explain it further, but I just hope you get it. Haha! Goodluck! ^^

  11. They’re all adorable. I especially like the green monkey and the flower bunny. I wouldn’t go for the hedgehog, lovely as it is, because Marks and Spencers had a very similar character on their cards about 6-7 years ago.

  12. My most favorite is the cupcake bunny.  No one else has mentioned the engagement mice, but I love that.  The two which do the least for me are the bears.

  13. [this is good] wow, these are great!  I know you’ll do well, and please keep us posted.  Cupcake bunny, hands down.  I also adore the bears, which contradicts some above.  Regardless, they are all adorable, and whichever you choose will strongly represent your talents!  And, that fact that these little characters come from the same place…I smell interaction!  Best wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  14. [this is good] I like them all, but if i had to pick one to ‘let go’ – I would let go of the green monkey – jmho :)  xo

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