more story book illustrations

Inspired by some work I did at the beginning of the year I have commission to create four new illustrations based on children's books. I didn't want to post the picture until the comissioner had receieved them, but now she has them so here they are.






12 thoughts on “more story book illustrations

  1. [this is good] These are brilliant, SM!  Being a children’s book lover, I am jealous of the receiver of such lovely pieces.

  2. [this is good] So beautiful! I especially like James and the Giant Peach. That book/movie creeped me out a little, but your illustration is so sweet.

  3. Thank you! These were something I worked really hard on and did a lot of developmental and research work for, so it’s great to hear that.

  4. Wow I love your work! It’s refreshing, and the colors are amazing! I like how you used different types of paper to make it (is that right? i don’t know that’s what it seemed like you did). You’re very creative =D

  5. Thank you! Yeah, I did. I used green squared paper to make james’s shirt in the top one, floral paper for lucy’s dress in the next one, stripey paper for Anne’s dress and text for her hat and blue patterned paper for the helter skelter and floral paper for Wilbur.

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