From Russia with love

So, after the sucess of my russian doll collage I decided to make some more. First I made little stuffed ones with patterned fabric and hand painted faces.


Then I made some more collaged one which I backed with thick watercolour paper, laminated or vanished and turned into miniture art jewerly.I made most of them with sweet wrappers just because I love the bright colours and patterns. Most of these will be in the shop once it's re-stocked.



8 thoughts on “From Russia with love

  1. [this is good] Oh you Talented Girl You!!! They make Amazing Jewelry!!! And Love the Plushies too!

  2. Thanks, Chicky!
    Thanks, I love them. I wear them so much both the knees have holes now (one mended, the other still to do). They are the most amazingly comfortable and really quite flattering jeans ever.

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