Some photos, some news

Last night was the private view of the show and had a truely fantastic time. I took this as an opportunity to dress up and wore my little yellow dress. The exhibition was really great and everyone seemed to like my rabbits.



Now here's the weird bit. There is a Most Outstanding Student Award. And I was awarded it.

I was voted most oustanding student of the year.

Weird, huh?

I don't know what my prize is yet because I have to wait till December before I receive it.


20 thoughts on “Some photos, some news

  1. [this is good] Congratulations! I hope you get a fabulous prize! You should be very proud of your talents. 

  2. [this is good] Congrats To You!!!! It does not surprise me one bit though. 😉 I knew your bunnies would be a hit, they are so stimulating and happy, they spread so much joy darling!

  3. Aaaaack!  So fabulous for you!!!  Wow.  You sound so surprised, but I’m sure you deserved it…you are so adorable and talented.

  4. Cogratulations! I remember feeling so unworthy in school walking around the Art building because there are so many talented people there with you. But just remember although your art may not be like the other student’s doesn’t mean it’s not fabulous and deserving of that special award.
    What a nice thing to be able to list in your portfolio.
    And I loooooooooove the dress by the way.

  5. Yay, Congratulations outstanding student! That is wonderful news and doesn’t seem weird at all. You are very deserving. *_*

  6. [this is good] Congrats! What a happy surprise, yet I am not surprised one bit. You are quite talented and I imagine there are more great things headed your way! 🙂

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