the best things are free

After a fruitless morning of car boot sale hunting (the signs started and stopped about 3 miles from the car boot sale; we had no chance of finding it) we came upon a little shop in the middle of nowhere called 'Bygones and Curios'. Really it was a large garden shed stuffed with wonderful things run by a lovely old man. I told him about our inability to find the car boot sale and he asked what I had been hoping to buy there. I said old napkins and other fabric, old stamps and old buttons, and he got a beautiful old tin full of buttons. I actually said 'Ooh' out loud when he lifted the lid. He said he bought the tin not realising it was full of buttons so they'd just been sitting under his desk for years. He let me take my pick and when I asked how much they'd be he insisted I take them for free. I'm planning on visiting him again and bringing him some cake to say thank you.


4 thoughts on “the best things are free

  1. There is something so satisfying about a tin of old buttons, isn’t there?  I remember a tin of buttons my grandmother had, how I loved to take them out and look at them when I was a little girl.

  2. [this is good] 😀 How Lovely! I love old buttons, I have a huge glass bowl full to the rim with them. They feel good to run my fingers through. 

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