A before and after










This is an old dress of my Mum's that she had given to me to so I could cut it up for fabric. I decided to have a go at altering so I could wear it and it went really surprising well.

I took in every seam, and added some pin tucks and probably reduced it by 2 or 3 sizes.

The photos aren't great beacuse whenever I take photos on with the timer I can never seem to focus them, plus the lighting isn't great in my room, but you get the gist.


12 thoughts on “A before and after

  1. [this is good] That’s fantastic!  I am awed.  Being a sewing clod, I marvel at people who can make anything hang together and look good.  You have done way better than good!

  2. [this is good] You always take a great photo! Stunning job! As always, you have excelled in everything, I bet you could make a bin bag look good. 

    😉 x

  3. Thanks! It was great to able to to get it fit me perfectly; I’m looking at clothes in whole new way now, thinking about how I can adjust and change them.

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